Children learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore, in their own way.


education at Seedling Nature Schools

Early Childhood Development is critically important. At seedling nature schools, we observe how the children’s balance improves within the first few weeks of navigating the uneven surfaces, how they thrive emotionally and socially in the outdoor environment and how each child can quickly find their own way of learning. Every interest, every personality and every level of ability is served by the outdoor environment.

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Individualised Care

Our free ECCE preschool program includes:


Preschool Progression

The children naturally progress from the first to the second ECCE year. We place an emphasis on

  • Differentiated learning – every child at their own level and pace
  • Learning through experience including discovery play, exploration and risk taking
  • Independence skills such as toileting, hygiene and eating
  • Language learning and expressing their thoughts, ideas and needs
  • Building up their physical skills of jumping, running, navigating uneven ground, climbing etc

School Readiness

Research suggests that the most important skills for school readiness have to do with children’s independence, their social skills, their confidence and emotional maturity. This is how Seedling Nature Schools help children to be ready for school:

When teachers are asked about the most important things new Junior Infants need, they list simple skills such as opening the lunchbox, putting on their own coat and bag, asking for help and knowing how to play with friends.


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