For Our Parents

General Information

During school hours please use the set down area only. The areas beyond the pedestrian crossing are reserved for LETS school use.
All absences should be notified to (353) 089-6126755 . You can also use this number any time you need direct contact with the team


Please put your child’s name on absolutely everything. Items sometimes get mislaid or swapped. If there is a name on the lunchbox, pencil case, gloves, pens, hats etc we find, we can easily return them to their owner.
We are right beside the park. If visiting by car you need to pass the Park entrance and turn left at the traffic lights. Click signpost for full directions.
Infection Control: please wear a mask during drop off and pickup. Remember to keep a physical distance of two meters from other parents. Preschool parents help their children with hand-washing before entering the preschool garden. For a list of all measures introduced during 2020 please read the re-opening information for parents.
During school hours please drive into the school grounds and use the set down area only for drop off and pick up. The car park and the area beyond the pedestrian crossing are for LETS school use only.
Kit List: Your child will need healthy snacks and water, warm base layers, a full set of waterproofs (lined ones in winter), boots (with lining or warm socks in winter), spare clothes for wet, cold, mucky days, hat, gloves, sun cream and sun had in summer.
Please discuss any longer absences in advance. Your fees will continue to the end of the year except in very special circumstances. Please note that most government subsidies are cut after 4 weeks of non-attendance.
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